CoastWatch UNESCO Bilko Project Module 7
Caribbean Regional Node

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Module 7: Applications of Satellite and Airborne Image Data to Coastal Management

Module 7: Introduction

  • Lesson 1: Visual Interpretation of Images with the Help of Colour Composites: Getting to Know the Study Area
  • Lesson 2: The Importance of Acquiring Images of the Appropriate Scale and Spatial Resolution for your Objectives
  • Lesson 3: Radiometric Correction of Satellite Images: When and Why Radiometric Correction is Necessary
  • Lesson 4: Crude Bathymetric Mapping Using Landsat TM Satellite Imagery
  • Lesson 5: Compensating for Variable Water Depth to Improve Mapping of Underwater Habitats: Why it is Necessary
  • Lesson 6: Mapping the Major Inshore Marine Habitats of the Caicos Bank by Multispectral Classification Using Landsat TM
  • Lesson 7: Predicting Seagrass Standing Crop from SPOT XS Satellite Imagery
  • Lesson 8: Assessing Mangrove Leaf-area Index (LAI) Using CASI Airborne Imagery

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