CoastWatch is a NOAA program that provides remotely sensed satellite and other environmental data to government decision makers and academic researchers. The Caribbean/Gulf of Mexico Regional Node is one of several sites throughout the United States set up for the processing and distribution of CoastWatch information.

The Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory (AOML) in Miami (FL) hosts both the CoastWatch Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico Regional node and the Atlantic OceanWatch node.

Members of the government, academic, commerical, or public sectors may access data via the Caribbean/Gulf of Mexico Regional Node website free of charge. CoastWatch data is used in a variety of ways to monitor sea-surface-temperature and algal blooms, study fish and marine mammal distributions, and to aid in atmospheric forecasting.

Download data files for use with one of the CoastWatch software packages, plot data using the website online preview, or convert data to other data formats for use in GIS or scientific plotting packages.

Contact Us:
Operations Manager: Joaquin A. Trinanes
Node Manager: Gustavo Goni