our services:

WebGis Interface

Access and display both raster and vector layers within a GIS environment.

Visual Catalog

Most recent CoastWatch satellite data passes over the Caribean and Gulf of Mexico using a catalog of color images.

ERDAP Server

Visualize, customize and download oceanographic datasets in a wide variety of formats.


Retrieve aggregated near-real-time oceanographic datasets via THREDDS.

GTS Data

XBT data stored in AOML's Database as well as other near real time GTS data.
(Java Required)


Sea Height Anomalies (SHA) and geostrophic currents from the altimeter constellation.
(Java Required)

Upper Ocean Heat Content

Upper ocean thermal structure derived from the Sea Surface Height and Sea Surface Temperature fields.

Caribbean Acidification

Daily seawater pCO2 fields and other parameters derived from the carbonate system equations.

Near Real Time Wind Data

Display and retrieve surface wind data from a variety of sensors.
(Java Required)

Monthly CO2 Flux

Global monthly CO2 and Surface-Water Atmosphere partial pressure difference

Seasonal CO2 Flux

Global seasonal CO2 and Surface-Water Atmosphere partial pressure difference

Vibrio Risk Fields

Global Vibrio risk fields estimated using data from remote sensing, models and climatologies.

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