Data Types
Caribbean Regional Node

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CoastWatch satellite data files can contain a number of different data types. Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR) channel data are calibrated values directly from the AVHRR sensor. Other data, such as sea-surface-temperature (SST), are derived from the AVHRR channels. The following table lists the types of data files currently produced at the Caribbean Regional Node:

Type: Description: Units:

C2 AVHRR channel 2: near-infrared light
approx. 710-990 nm
albedo (%)
C4 AVHRR channel 4: infrared light (not SST)
approx. 10.3-11.3 micrometers
brightness temperature (°C)
D7 NOAA/NESDIS daytime non-linear multichannel SST temperature (°C)
S7 NOAA/NESDIS nighttime non-linear multichannel SST temperature (°C)
D5 NOAA/NESDIS daytime non-linear multichannel 5-day composite SST temperature (°C)
S5 NOAA/NESDIS nighttime non-linear multichannel 5-day composite SST temperature (°C)
CM NOAA/NESDIS CLAVR cloud mask byte value

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