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Hurricanes Katrina and Rita
Caribbean/Gulf of Mexico Regional Node

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These images are red, green, and blue color composites of channels 1, 2 and 4 acquired by the Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer carried aboard the NOAA-16 and NOAA-17 polar orbiting satellites. The data were downloaded from the NOAA NESDIS Comprehensive Large Array-data Stewardship System ( and processed with the CoastWatch Data Analysis Tool (CDAT) which is part of the CoastWatch Software Utilities v3.x package (

Hurricane Katrina
Hurricane_Katrina_2005-08-26 Hurricane_Katrina_2005-08-27
Hurricane_Katrina_2005-08-28 Hurricane_Katrina_2005-08-29
Hurricane Rita
Hurricane_Rita_2005-09-20 Hurricane_Rita_2005-09-22
Hurricane_Rita_2005-09-23 Hurricane_Rita_2005-09-24

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