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The CoastWatch Format (CWF) Software Library and Utilities is a package of routines that convert, manipulate, and plot CoastWatch format data files. The software was developed at the CoastWatch West Coast Regional Node for use with the web site and other CoastWatch data processing applications. CoastWatch users can: Source code and pre-compiled binary packages are available for various systems. Download the distribution appropriate for your system below:

> cwf_2.3.tar.gz (Unix .tar.gz source)
> cwf_2.3_hpux.tar.gz (HP-UX executables)
> cwf_2.3_irix.tar.gz (SGI IRIX executables)
> cwf_2.3_linux.tar.gz (Linux executables)
> cwf_2.3_solaris.tar.gz (Sun Solaris executables)
> (Windows .zip source)
> (Windows executables)
> W95ws2setup.exe (Winsock update - may
be needed under Win95 to run HDF programs;
contains WS2_32.DLL)

The library and utilities documentation is available in Postscript and PDF form. A number of source code and binary packages are also available to help compile the utilities if needed.

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